This Little Cutie Got a New Job!

10 pm and Todd’s ready for bed. This is a late night for him. After working as the summer school admin for SJCOE, he started a new job placement at DCA. So many acronyms, I know. 🙄 Basically, he worked ALL summer long. Every single day, all day.

On the other hand, the boys and I are on our 60ish day off. We’ve been mastering the “sleep in and chill.” 😴😴😴🎮🎮📖 Sometimes, I kinda feel bad. We’re like over here living our best lives, and he’s over there, grinding on the reg.

This poor man.

I swear our redeeming qualities make us totally worth it though. #hisfanclub

The one tiny consolation is that he LOVES his new job! It’s actually a really sweet gig with a cool ass program, with cool ass people. At least those are the vibes I’m getting…😂🤷‍♀️ I don’t know firsthand because I’m still waiting for my Q clearance to be approved so I can come check out his new classroom, because he’s teaching at…🥁🥁🥁…


Discovery Challenge Academy is a joint venture between SJCOE and the National Guard. It’s located at the old Sharpe Army Depot.

He was a Mentor last year. A kid he taught since jr high asked him to be his mentor and he was proud of the kid for making the choice for change in his life, so he did it. As a Mentor, he had special access to this cadet that his family could only access through letters and a few visits. Todd brought him a burrito 🌯 and a Dr. Pepper one time to check in with him.

He got a letter from his student a couple days later, thanking him for the lunch, but saying he’s not allowed to have caffeine next time. 🤣😂


His student completed the program, and we attended his graduation ceremony. These kids didn’t just graduate though, they CONQUERED. It was physical, mental, and emotional. I literally cried. 😢🖖

The more he learned about the program, the more interested he was.

Todd’s been teaching alternative ed since he began teaching, forever ago. 🦕 Before landing the one.Charter Main gig, he taught at several sites throughout Stockton. Some might suggest that many of his students weren’t typically “successful in a traditional educational setting.” 😂😉

I’ve told him so many times that he should get a job with Manteca Unified and make more money, doing less dangerous things.

The rumor on the street is that charter school teachers have a lot of ‘responsibilities’.

Most traditional school sites have a principal, vice principal, program coordinator, psychologist, counselor, resource specialist, assistant to the resource specialist, office manager, attendance clerk, custodian, nurse, tech support, health clerk, lunch person, assistant to the lunch person, yard duties, groundskeepers, etc. Sometimes though, at a charter school, you’re ALL of those things…and more. It’s the “more” you try to focus on. You’re hired as a teacher so in between IEP’s and CPS reports, you try to figure out how to teach 25 kids from 7th-12th grade at the same time that are typically “unsuccessful in traditional learning environments.” No biggie.

His first teaching job was at one.Ethics. A Community school on Hammer Ln that was shot up by Asian gang members. It’s cool though, he wasn’t alone.👍 He had another BRAND NEW teacher as his partner!

They taught 60 kids at a strip mall and GOT IT DONE!

Then he moved to one.Choice and taught teen parents. We donated our son’s baby clothes and I bet those kids improved their parenting skills just by knowing Todd.

He’s like, a really good dad…

Eventually, he earned a spot at the Manteca site with his mom. HIS MOM!!! 😂🤣

They taught at the same site for years.

Todd: Ms. B needs to see you.😎

Jerk: (snickering) You mean, your Mom?😂


That’s the only sad part of this post…Todd’s really bummed to leave his friends (and family) at one.CharterMain. They’ve always been the best part of his job.😥

But…it’s day ten at DCA and he’s still on cloud nine. He’s eagerly discussing lesson plan ideas. Like #whoareyou? I’m so happy because he’s so happy and every night he tells me about what the kids are going through and I have huge respect for them. Right now they’re in the “acclimation” phase. They LIVE there for five months. They are isolated from what they know and are pushed to their limits physically and mentally. I just totally respect any kid that VOLUNTEERS for that and completes it. 👏🙌

Imagine teaching those kids… 🤯

They have NO contact with the outside world. NO cellphone, NO television, NO internet. It’s like one of my favorite shows #nakedandafraid but #scholasticedition.

Todd has Uh-Maz-Ing lesson plans and these entertainment deprived teens are going to love them. 🤩🤩🤩

Tomorrow they visit the USS Hornet and receive their uniforms. It’s like a BIG DEAL and that’s what I love about Todd’s new program. Things are significant. Those teenagers have pushed themselves physically and mentally to get to the next phase, and tomorrow they’ll be recognized. Earning a uniform is milestone for them. Proof that they have survived the early wake up calls, runs, drills, orders, etc. and shown they have the grit to commit.

These are the minds Todd gets to inspire and it’s precisely why he loves, and is loyal to SJCOE. I don’t want to say it, cause it’s hella cheesy, but…he’s on the frontline of change…🤣🧀. These kids are ready for it too. They are so lucky to have him.

There is one tiny itty bitty thing that sucks…

As I mentioned, it’s located at the Sharpe Army Depot and “apparently” he has zero reception. So he doesn’t get ANY of my calls or texts all day long. 🤔

2 thoughts on “This Little Cutie Got a New Job!”

    1. And that’s my dear friend’s son and my son’s bestie and oh gosh I am so proud of him!
      I remember starting with SJCOE in 1997 and then came Linda and then came Todd and it was so do sweet! I miss being there.
      Congratulations Todd and congratulations Linda! I miss and love you both!
      Great post Andrea! I miss and love you too!

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